One Way or Another

One Way or Another is a collection of topical accounts and anecdotal short stories from Richard Meredith in his Balding Backpacker travelogue series.

With his reporter's notebook, wicked sense of humour and a healthy disrespect for authority, the intrepid middle-ager goes walkabout in this crazy world of ours and falls into a whole heap of adventures (and misadventures).

During a year-long globetrotting tour he is witness to George W. Bush's non-election as American President, is tear-gassed in anti-globalisation riots in Canada, bag-napped in Argentina, sung to at the Sydney Olympics and survives an outback safari with four single women.

The book is illustrated throughout and includes a section on recommended places to stay, eat or visit and a miscellany of "bizarre, unusual and even interesting" information from around the world.


  • George W's first big battle
  • Up the Twin Towers in New York ... a prophetic vision?
  • Life with the hungry and homeless in the richest place on Earth
  • Australia

  • Shooting the rapids in boats with a death-wish
  • Why (right) the Olympic ladies volleyball final was won ... by a man.
  • Tales of the Outback: Nights down under with 4 single women
  • Canada

  • How rioting against Big Business shattered the Nation of Peace
  • When a railway kept the Americans from invading
  • What they are saying

    "I read One Way or Another with a mixture of admiration and envy" –Colin Barrow, UK author and university professor.

    "An astringent alternative to Bryson" –Brian Bollen, UK author/editor

    "I simply couldn’t put it down" –Charlotte Blair, TV continuity advisor, Kew Green, London.

    "Richard’s walkabout proves perfect fodder for an amusing and thought-provoking collection of anecdotal stories" –Writers News

    "I’m enjoying the book - you have quite the quintessential English wit..." –Katrina Barclay, Canada

    "I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I find it has rekindled my wish to go off traveling again..." –Alan Frost, Charles Schwab (Europe).

    "It will surely leave some readers, with their wanderlust aroused, wondering: Could I? Should I? And if not now, when?" –Joan Riley, Absolute Write (USA)

    "Could you let us have a copy." –Mary Hogarth, Writers International, "and us too," –Mary Moore Mason, Essentially America magazine. "..and us," –Leon Kreitzman, SeeHowTheyGrow Publications.


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