Views From The Front Line

When his first publisher failed to live up to his marketing expectations, author Richard Meredith bought back the publishing rights and decided to do it himself.

He picked up the phone, got himself 50 dates for book-signing and speaking events and sold thousands of copies.

i>Views From The Front Line is a first-hand account of some of his experiences. In the introduction to his booklet of articles the author says: "I hope they will be of use to writers' groups or in libraries and places of study - anywhere, in fact, where authors, or would-be authors, hope to find information which will help them in the difficulties they face."

Extracts have been published in the writing press on both sides of the Atlantic

This booklet contains the unabridged versions of "On Your Own", a contemporary story of self-publishing; "On Your Bike", a hilarious account of book-signing events; and "On Your Feet", a sideways look at life on the speaking circuit.

Other articles in the updated 2006 edition feature "Mind Your Own Ethics" which discusses the thorny topic of editorial integrity and "Where's my blinkin' agent", the author's frustrating hunt for representation.

Richard's introduction explains: "Maybe those who strive to beat the odds will be encouraged by my experiences?
I certainly hope so."

What They Are Saying

"There is valuable advice here ... anyone who has engaged in self-publishing,or just contemplating doing so,will empathise and enjoy this. I would buy it as a 'good read'"
–Dr Julia Bush, former Head of Social Sciences, University of Northampton

"...a lively, punchy style. Anyone thinking of (self-publishing) will find this introduction to the hurdles very useful. There is also the psychological benefit of realising that one's difficulties are not due to some malign conspiracy or one's own utter inadequacy, but are embedded in a publishing industry which is now highly commercial and (sadly) aligning itself increasingly with the cult of celebrity. I would recommend it for other self-publishers."
–Dr Michael Spindler, English Department, De Montfort University

"Richard Meredith hits the nail on the head with Views From The Front Line ...this is a MUST for all those budding novelists who scribble away in small rooms cut off from society;for all those who tap into the early hours on computer keyboards dreaming of fame and possibly fortune. To all these I say, read it and learn.."
–Martin Brocklebank, Chairman, Speakeasy Writers' Group, Bucks

"...he really makes the whole process of trying to get a book published come alive ... we could certainly put the information to good use in our teaching, especially to students who will be looking to write in the future."
–Julie Teckman, Programme Leader Media Studies, Northampton College

"Safe advice for first time writers. With his 'been there done that' philosophy Richard has encountered all the problems and knows all (well, nearly all) the answers. In his inimitable style he gives examples of the pitfalls but peppers them with success stories ... so, all you scribblers out there, make sure you take his advice!"

–Nick Garod, Subject Specialist, Northamptonshire Libraries Service


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